Hey guys just something I've been wondering.

I'm thinking about selling my modded Fender eric clapton staratocaster which I bought it used just like that without original stocks.

The mods are pearl pick guard (original is plain white), pick ups are changed to two 'fender vintages', and duncan jb on rear.

And I don't have the original hard case that comes with it also.

I'm really hoping I can get at least the unmodded used price. The pickups are all more expensive then the original. I did spend money on refretting it, and yet I'm selling it... So what do you think?
Do you have the original parts? Put them back on if you want a decent price for it. Otherwise, as much as you would think that aftermarket pickups would add to the value, they generally don't. So if you have the stock parts, install them on the guitar and then sell the aftermarket parts after.

I wouldn't expect to get the same cash as an unmodified one.
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At this point then you are looking for someone who wants the same modifications as you wanted. You might be able to get the same price as the stock guitar used, but don't expect to get any more for your modifications. Especially in the case of sig and special edition guitars, people want as close to original as possible.
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Honestly, if I were buying, I'd pay less than the "unmodded used price."

I consider most modifications a downgrade when buying; I may have no use for them whatsoever, and I've seen enough guitars with terrible upgrade workmanship, soldering issues, and more. Getting the guitar back to original will cost ME more. A refret would be a warning sign that the guitar is *really* used, and I'd take off points for that as well.

Any time you modify a guitar, you reduce the audience for that guitar, and if you don't find someone who really wants those specific modificications in his guitar, you're probably going to have to discount it to find a buyer.
so lets say I were to sell it on eBay. You think making $200~300 cheaper would sell? That would make it like 1100 I would assume. I don't have any idea about price range for modded ones.
No idea regarding Fender prices.

And yes, the lack of the original case will make a difference.
Sold used listing on eBay look to be ranging from $1,200 for standard colors to $1,500 for special ones. With your mods, I'd list it for $1,100 and expect to get a little bit less.
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Sold used listing on eBay look to be ranging from $1,200 for standard colors to $1,500 for special ones. With your mods, I'd list it for $1,100 and expect to get a little bit less.

This. With luck you'll get someone who likes what you did and goes for it
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Going along with what everyone else said, I would personally pay a bit less for a modded guitar. It's not often that you'll find someone who wants the same exact mods in the guitar.
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so will I have to lower the price even more without the original case? And if so about how much? Again I don't have much standard so I kind of need numbers to understand.
Suggested prices going around yet no one seems to have asked about the condition of the guitar
you are going to take a beating.

signature guitars are that. signatures. people who want them want them original.

aftermarket pickups will not gain you any value, ESPECIALLY having different pickups on a signature guitar. lack of case doesn't help the situation either.
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The way I can think of to get an OK value is selling it as parts.
For ex. Used pickup X or Fender X body
You'll lose some value by doing this but at least you'll sell it. Otherwise,as mentioned above, you would have to find someone that would want the EXACTLY SAME mods with you (very rare)
You're not totally screwed. It's still a Fender, just not a true sig. You'll take a hit in earnings but not like half price
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