Hi guys !
I started working on a melodic death metal song writing project
and can't decide between this three optoins :
1.Piano Sound (ex. Insomnium - The Gale)
2.Synth (ex. Enshine - Dual Existence)
3.Both (ex. Andy James - In The Fading Light)

They all sound SO GREAT !

What do you recomend ?
Hi. I liked this piece.

The opening line serves as a great indicator of the narrators intent. The list of 1, 2 and 3 is traditional in its usage but fits the overall thematic feel of the work. That last line of course slayed me, I wasn't expecting such a sad, ambiguous ending.

After all, who knows what any of us recommend?

I hope this helps, keep up the good work.
Hehehehe. Very good.

OP - depends on personal taste, there is no right answer, probably not the right forum for this.
'....even the President of the United States sometimes must have to stand naked...."

Do me a favour, pop into Songwriting & Lyrics and add a comment to one thread, any thread, but contribute.


I tend to be a purist sometimes with my production, so I would choose the piano. However, this is all subjective. Im sure you know what sounds best!
Thnx for your answers. i believe the third is the best.
Be sure that I'll post it on this thread when I finish it 😉