post your gameplan for the summer so one of you jerks can bump this thread in september and we can all feel like shit about all the shit we didn't do

or go ahead & post your shitty summer jam/upcoming jam youre looking forward to the most

or go ahead & talk about your most costanza moments

several directions we can take this thread up to yll really
i was once caught eating out of the trash. and, yes, it was on the top.

some fuck in middle school threw away an entire gingerbread house and i wasn't gonna let it go to waste.

i have zero plans for the summer. one day of work left before i'm unemployed. gonna take at least a week to clean up around my mom's house. then find a new job.

i bought tickets to a show in June, but that's about all i have planned right now.

maybe i'll go see Keanu with my brother this weekend.
No real plans so far for the summer. I'm considering a trip to Europe, but will probably wimp out and go to Las Vegas.
Got some tour plans with the band, starting a new freelance job next week, and doing a full time video editing job from home/the road the week after that.

A lot of my summer plans are just band focused to be honest
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Gonna hit the beach a few times a week, go to some baseball games, see Blink-182, hopefully get a new job and get laid a lot.
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get laid a lot.

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I just come here to dick around.
And maybe occasionally wave my dick around.

My D is major
Gonna keep working on my fitness, get a better paying job, move out of my folks' place, see a lot of shows and also get laid a lot. And also skydiving.
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Either travel around the US and stack this mon and these per diems, or kill myself. I should know which one next week
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Either travel around the US and stack this mon and these per diems, or kill myself. I should know which one next week

If you decide on suicide I'd recommend diving into a swimming pool filled with double edged razor blades. Might as well show some pizazz at the end!
Go on vacation
Keep lifting a few days a week
Make some money
Continue learning French
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she was saying things like... do you want to netflix and chill but just the chill part...too bad she'll never know that I only like the Netflix part...
needa brush up on my quebecois thanks for the reminder

id be lying if i said i didn't have clapping myself on the shortlist but lets give it a year and see where it goes from there alright?


tryna think of a costanza moment but they all involve my sad penis in one way or another
Get good grades in my summer semester

Write some music

Do some non-school-related reading

Go to Prince Edward Island
get a "real job"
grow my hair out
make some videos
build a portfolio and/or website
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I thought this was the year but so far not even close lol.

my plans for this summer are basically to fix myself
Summer's gone and it's autumn now
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The music winners listen to
My plans for summer are to record a couple albums and also join a band and start playing as many shows as we can get put on.
If there is a God, it's me.
-pass the courses I am taking
-record songs with the band
-find time for extracurricular reading
-watch a lot of movies
-be healthier (diet/exercise)
-hopefully play some shows or I will fucking kill myself lol
Going to GNR and my buddy's bachelor party and playing at his wedding. The summer of Foster!
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Get cut
get butt

I change my answer to this

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she was saying things like... do you want to netflix and chill but just the chill part...too bad she'll never know that I only like the Netflix part...
Going to new yawrk in june, then dublin for a gig. Probs jus chillin for the rest
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How has this thread gone on for so long that there is not a single picture of George eating a piece of cheese the size of a car battery?

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Work on my barbeques, rebuild one of my decks. Now that my thumb is working, after 2 years, I'm gonna play like mad to catch up. Practice with my bow for elk season. Thinking about building a cab and buying a small head. Make lots of salsa and derivitives.
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get laid a lot.

Chaz has the answer
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or go ahead & talk about your most costanza moments
Should also go in that other thread but refused to date a girl with the same first name as my mom. Also, show up to work, do literally nothing for 8 hours, b's with the boss and go home.

I'm trying to get outdoors more. More backpacking, getting a kayak of sorts.

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