So I'm building a guitar and I have just sanded the body and put a primer on it

I want to make it white and glossy, it's a strat and I want the Hendrix look

I also want to do it by brush since I have more experience with a brush

I bought oil based urethane enamel for it and I'm not sure if that's the right paint for what I want and that's why I'm here

So is there any other paint that would work better or is this my best bet?
I'm not that good with spray paint and my dad recommends that I use a brush because it's hard with spray cans. He says that the spray lines would show and stuff so I wasn't exactly sure.

I was planning on using acrylic lacquer if I wanted to use the spray can but I suppose nitrocellulose is better because acrylic lacquer chips off.

I think I'll use the spray can then but I've seen my neighbour paint a plastic lawn chair with spray paint and he had the right technique and all but you could see the spray lines and it wasn't that great.

Not sure if I'll see the spray marks/lines on the wood on my guitar though
Thanks for all your advice!

I have a water based primer by the way, I'll check out pictures of both nitro and acrylic on the Internet and see what I like best
Just incase you try using a spray can, hee is a tip. Always spray something else first. Its best to practice your shot and the first spray out of a can usually goes wild and spits and causes runs. Also with a brish or can, if you get paint that works well with multiple coats, you can sand it down with 600 or 800 grit sand paper between coats. Wipe it clean of dust then spray or brush again. Thats nice when you dont have to worry about getting it perfect the first time. Oh and when spraying, just spray one coat starting past the guitar and ending past the guitar. Dont worry about wasting spray, its worth it. Work wet on wet and resist the urge to just spray a little more in that place you went too thin on. Thats what sanding and recoating is for. Spraying little dabs of already sprayed areas causes rough texture.