So I'm currently doing my GCSE exams and I have recently decided that after my exams I am going to take music technology and two other subjects at a level. After this I would like to attend the BIMM music institute in Bristol. I was wondering, what kind of grade/standard do you have to be playing to get past the audition stage of the application? I have been playing guitar for about 3 years now and I don't really know what grade I am currently at but to give a bit of context me and my guitar teacher are using on rock guitar solos at the moment and rock guitar techniques. I'm currently working on my alternate picking on a piece called 'jailbreak' by thin lizzy. I also recently learned '18 and life' by skidrow so that should give a bit of context. Do you think I can reach the audition standard in 2 years? If I get private lessons and what not? Any feedback or reply would be much appreciated, thanks
Most universities ask for at-least grade 8, which honestly isn't too hard especially if you take music at A-Level, so that might give you a rough idea. I gather the music institute isn't quite the same thing but can't be too far different. I'd just send them an email and ask them your questions, but The Student Room might help too.