I just got an awesome Teisco (I think) and when I plugged it in, the guitar hummed like crazy and I could hear any of the guitar through the amp. I am not sure which model it is as there is no markings on it.

I opened it up and there were three wires that needed to be resoldered, so I soldered two of them. But there one wire that completely came undone and I am not sure where it goes. When plugged in, it seems to good, but there still is one wire I would like to solder.

Attached are photos of the underside of the pickguard with notation.



There's going to be solder everyplace metal connects to something else. Those switches are soldered to the silicon boards, so those beads don't necessarily indicate an intended wire connection.

It looks like someone did a pretty gnarly solder job on that topmost knob, judging by the gobs of solder and damaged wire. I also see a very tenuous connection between the red wire and jack.

I'm afraid I cant say for certain where that last wire should go. If your knobs and pickups are all working fine and with appropriate output levels, it could be a ground wire. Electronics are usually grounded to a piece of metal inside the body (much like your car), in which case it could have pulled loose when you took the pickguard off. It being twisted up at one end makes me think that both ends were not soldered into place, and the twisty end was possibly just wrapped around something.
Sorry! I forgot to mention. There is a ground wire inside the body of the guitar that is now shown here, I will resolder it when I put it back together!
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I dont see any hot leads going to that tone pot. Only grounds. That shouldnt cause noise though hmmm. My old teisco used to shock me when i touched the strings haha. Its possible that the long red wire goes to the cap and the short red wire goes fron the center tone pin to the output tip. Where does that white wire go? It looks like one yellow wire is a pickup hot and the other yellow is a common ground. Leaving the white wire to be the other pickup hot?
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