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I've been gifted a POD 2.0 by a mate who doesn't use it. It's a nice little unit with decent effects, which as you all know can be saved into the memory on the unit, but I'm wondering what type / brand / make of footswitch board would be compatible or suitable to draw up pre-saved amp models and / or effects? Something that can plug into the unit and could allow for 5-6 foot channels with pre-saved effects..

Hope I'm making sense.

Any help is really appreciated, thanks.
Line 6 makes the FBV series of foot pedals for these. I believe the current series of FBV boards will work, and you can find older ones used pretty easily.

The FBV Shortboard (there was a LongBoard, actually, at one point) will let you do pretty much anything there is to do on a Pod from the front of stage (with the Pod in your backline) and includes tuner displays, bank/channel switches, expression pedal and individual FX changes. New, they're $199, but available on the used market for $99 and down.

The FBV Express (which is probably what I'd recommend for your situation) has four channel switches (but no bank switches), a tuner display/mute, tap tempo and an expression pedal which can be, variously, set to handle volume, wah, etc within the various user presets. If you're playing live, you'll want to wander back to the Pod to change banks between songs, but you'll have four user preset choices per song up front. I'm gonna get this wrong, I just know it, but you have something like nine banks, each with four channels of user presets. The manual is here: Line 6 Pod 2.0 Pilot's Guide

The Express foot pedal is $99 new, but around $49 or less on the used market. Here's the nice thing about it: you don't run guitar cables to it. The Line 6 footboards use VDI cables (essentially "hardened" ethernet cables with Neutrik ends), though you can also use plain old standard Cat 5 ethernet cables. Power and data are carried through that single cable. So you just plug your guitar into the Pod, plug the Express or Shortboard into the Pod and then plug your output into the Pod (if you're doing anything MIDI, that goes into the Pod's MIDI input/outputs as well.

These are the ones I have (note that the footswitches themselves will vary according to the version/year manufactured):


The FBV Express:

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