Hello everyone, I'm Dante from Italy. I have zero experience and I have decided to take up learning electric guitar. I want to buy an electric guitar but I would like to receive some suggestion or recommendation from the experienced people of this forum. My budget it $300-$800.

Some things to know about me:
I have played around with my friends guitars and I have noticed that since I have relatively short and stubby fingers it is hard to reach for some of the notes. My friend recommended that I look for guitars with shorter fret spacing (scale length) but I don't know which of them have that.

My interests and goals are to be able to play solos, blues and learn slapping (also some djent ). Perhaps this is too diverse but I appreciate any suggestions.

Thanks in advance.
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Welcome to the wonderful world of guitar. Don't worry about your fingers, tons of people say that when they're starting out, it will come with practice.

As for what guitar to get, I would focus on getting a guitar that is well made, versatile and looks good to you aesthetically (if you don't like the look of it starting out, you're less likely to play it - just my opinion). For me that would be something along the lines of a Made in Mexico Fender Stratocaster. I wouldn't worry too much about djent right now, you should be learning to play without a wall of distortion behind you.
@badfish_lewis Thank you for the welcome. I haven't decided on a guitar yet but the Gibson Les Paul feels right in my hands. I will look into more Fender too though. Can I ask how scale length affects the playing style or sound?
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