Hi, I have a question about buying a new guitar and if anyone else has experienced the same thing I have, in regards to the fret wire and fret board. I recently bought a BC Rich Series 3 acoustic/electric guitar and a BC Rich Warlock Core from Musician's Friend. Both guitars have really dirty fret boards, which I'm guessing is because they sat for a long time but my other concern is that the fret wire on both guitars are very rough and the strings grind into them. Has anyone else had this happen with new guitars? I'm a little concerned that the guitars were used and repackaged as new because I thought that a new guitar wouldn't be in this kind of shape. Thanks for any help!
I'm not to familiar with either of those but they are fairly inexpensive and mass produced. I would not expect an attention to detail on the fret work. I mean if they are really bad then I'm sure you could return them and hope the net one is better.
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Most new guitars that sit a while develop a bit of corrosion on the frets, and that feels scratchy.
There are a number of ways to polish the frets. One involves running a bit of 0000 (*four* 0's) fine steel wool over them (protect the fretboard, though). If you use this, you'll want to mask off the pickups with tape; their magnets pull iron filings right into the coils, and that can lead to the pickups themselves being ruined. Or you can use bronze wool, which is non-magnetic, but harder to find. Or you can use Stewart McDonalds' Fret Erasers

Follow up steel wool or bronze wool with a piece of heavy leather (rough side) to polish the frets to glassy and nasty smooth.
^^^^ I make fret masks from aluminium drink can. It is easy to cut with ordinary scissors.

Those Stewmac fret erasers are OK, but I've done a better, quicker job with metal polish, leather pad and hard block. What they are good for is fret ends, but they wear out fairly fast.
I was looking at the fret erasers and will give them a try. It shows there is 220 - 1400 grit, any suggestions on which grit to buy?