Hi. i was wondering how to set my amp (Line 6 Spider Iv 15) to sound like that 90s Britpop sound (especially Noel Gallagher).
All knobs to zero and refuse to play, especially with your brother!

More seriously you won't see much love around here for the Spider amps, and the best way to find a setting to to start tweaking the knobs.

You would probably get a more solid answer from the Line 6 forums.
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Clean channel, drive and channel volume cranked. Keep the EQ controls pointed at 12 o' clock. Master to listening level. Put a light bit of chorus and reverb on there. Use the bridge pickup setting on your guitar.

For the heavier parts switch to the metal preset. Put the bass and midrange to max, keep the treble at 12 o' clock. Use the bridge pickup setting on your guitar, or if it is too thin try the neck pickup setting.

You are not going to get professional results out of that amp, though. So do not expect too much. Anyway, here's Wonderwall.
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I don't know much about that particular amp but the key to the Noel Gallagher early sound is a cranked Marshall. So if that amp has a model that is supposed to be a Marshall type sound use that with the gain up and a bridge humbucker.