Hello, currently I am playing a Jackson JS32 KV through an Ibanez tube screamer and into a Marshal 15w practice amp. For £250 the guitar is amazing, the lead tone is great but whatever i do the tone for playing rhythm is a but muddy and dull. In the coming months im looking to upgrade either the guitar or amp but as i have limited funds im going to have to make a choice either buy a new amp and upgrade the stock jackson pickups to some Seymore Duncans or keep the current amp and get a Jackson KE/KV xmg. The most i will have to spend is about £500

For the amp i would like to get something with a few built in effects and a option where i can record backing tracks to play over with drums etc. I know line6 make ones like this but ive heard mixed things about either being great or sounding like rotting Emu. So im wondering if any gearheads can give me some opinions on what to go for next. Either pimp out the current guitar with decent pickups and get a new amp or keep the small amp and get a better implement of shredification?
I would get a new amp and leave the pickups as is for now and put that money into an even better amp, for 500 quid you can get a 6505 combo used or a Laney IRT Studio with a Harley Benton 1x12 (the one with a V30). Even a Marshall DSL could be had with £500.
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Get the amp man. You may find the stock pickups aren't as bad with a decent/good amp.

If you do want a new pickup look for a used Duncan Distortion on eBay and you're set for the bridge pickup.
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I agree with everyone else. Save up a bit more and spend it on a nicer amp. Even if you're going in the used market, you'll get a better bang for your buck.

For all you know, the stock pickups won't be as bad, and you can judge your sound a lot better through a better amplifier. Good luck!
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new amp.

what are you specific tastes?

i don't think amps with effects in sound good
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Yeah, get a new amp, like a Peavey Vypry VIP, the 1 or 2 aren't too expensive, and then change the bridge pickup.
Thanks for the replies, looks like ill be going for a decent amp first then and leaving the stock pickups in for now.

I play old school metal mostly Megadeth, Metalica, Pantera, Iron Maiden stuff and play my own stuff too. For tones i go for That 80s-90s thrash tones (hence I like Jacksons), Higher gain but still sounds nice and precise. What amp would you guys recommend? Id kinda like something with the ability to record a backing track and play over it with maybe a few effects too but i know this is a debated subject.

Ive looked at some of the Line 6 ( specifically the Line 6 Spider Jam 75W 1x12) after seeing a few YouTube covers and being impressed with the tone they made even with cheap guitars like mine and they fit in my price range and look quite versatile. Any opinions or other good amps like this one that you guys know about or own?
Now i'm not into digi effects.I'm an old school tube amp stomp box kinda guy but i just watched a review of the Line 6 firehawk 1500 and i gotta say i was seriously impressed!That thing looks and sounds awesome.All controllable from the amp or your tablet/phone with an immense amount of sounds and features.It's about £250 out of your price range but if it was me i'd sell the amp you have and save abit more cash and grab it.Just a suggestion.
My first suggestion would NOT be to go and find a better amp (that's the default at Ultimate Geetar,you'll find), but you do want to take the guitar you have now and listen to it through a variety of higher-end amps. That will tell you whether you want to tweak the guitar or if it's really okay and what you need to be looking at is an amp. If it still sucks through better amps, then consider what can be improved on the guitar.

Don't assume that simply changing to a different *brand* of pickups is going to solve your issue, either. SDs are rarely my first choice. Most guitarists go there because that's all a lot of shops have and most guitarists don't KNOW any better (Internet Consensus => Mediocrity).

I rarely change pickups (I'm generally buying higher end guitars), but when I do...
I have one LP-style guitar that has a fairly radical pickup swap -- the neck pickup has gone from being a fairly normal full-size humbucker to being a single-coil size humbucker that was originally designed to be a hot bridge pickup for a strat. It's a DiMarzio Fast Track II, at 18K. Three things happen:

One is that the single coil size (it's a side-by-side blade pickup humbucker design) reduces the phase issues that make most neck humbuckers muddy. Yes, you'll need an adapter.

Two, this pickup has great definition in the first place.

Three, this pickup is *loud*, both by virtue of its design and its placement. The same guitar has a slightly hot (9.2K) Gibson '57 in the bridge, and the neck pickup is 2-3 times louder. Most manufacturers these days "dumb down" the neck pickup by reducing its output because they believe that guitarists want matched volumes. Vintage guitars (pre-1980), however, always had the SAME pickup in both locations, so the neck is always louder than the bridge, and it's often less muddy than current setups as well. With the DiMarzio Fast Track II in the neck position, I get cleaner rhythm (in part because I can dial it back on the guitar if I want to) and a really good alternate lead sound.
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Get a new amp.
Don't get a Line 6 spider, unless it is a Spider valve which is miles above the spider series.

I would suggest the Jet City JCA22h and a decent cab. and get a Tubescreamer to use as a boost for the Pantera and heavier styles

JCA 22h for 227GBP www.thomann.de/gb/jet_city_amplification_jca22h_guitar_head.htm

and a 2x12 cab with V30 speakers 175GBP
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