I new here so bear with me. So, my problem is (other than the global warming and world peace) which has been buggering me for years are the style and techniques which are generally employed here
and if somebody remembers The civil wars duet, and Pretty reckless live sessions. I kinda like rock, but the style presented in the vid and some of the Civil wars catalog are really close to my heart. My problem is I can't find the exact name of the style, nor the associated techniques. I think I hear lots of right hand muting which is all right, but I also think I saw guys pedalling off the A string to hit sixths and such. I can sorta recreate the same sound but I'd like a more systematic approach because this works for some songs but when another comes up and I can't see what the guitarist is doing, or he does something complicated I am lost. I saw similar techniques on videos by Pretty reckless, when they play acoustic. Is that some kind of bluegrass? Does somebody know some resources about this particular style? The answer must be simple, but I obviously can't answer it. So, please, if anybody is familiar with it please share. Thank you very much!
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