Hey guys I recently put new strings on my Fender stratocaster, Ive set it up to all of the Fender specifications on their website and my top E string keeps on buzzing all the time.
I did screw down the bridge to the body before changing strings, but the buzzing was occurring before I did that. So what can I do to fix all of this buzzing?
Try to figure out where the buzzing is coming from. It could be loose hardware (such as tuning pegs or part of a bridge), it could be string touching a fret where it shouldn't. Did you change string gauge or something? Maybe the string is just too low?
The string gauge is the Same, I use . 09 to.42 strings, the strings do not touch the fret wire, I use standard tuning, I will check the machine heads and Bridge, it seems to get worse on fretted notes too. The other thing is that there isn't much buzzing on down strumming, but there is way more on up strumming
I figured it must be the nut that I have, it's a 20 year old guitar that I bought of someone, and I don't know if it's ever been changed so it might be worn down
Could be. You could try putting the guitar near your ear and try to listen to where the noise is coming from. That way you could locate the problem too.
Is it just me or do new strings tend to buzz until they stretch out a little bit? I would just play until the strings are broke in and see if it is still buzzing.
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