hey, so i've recently bought a new Charvel Pro Mod San Dimas HH HT. I'm wanting to put a pickguard on it, getting it custom cut to fit the control layout is no big issue i can find someone to do it in my area, but my main concern is that i really don't want to drill holes in the body, considering its not as simple as just replacing the old pickguard due to it never having one.

so do you guys have any ideas? the obvious one being an adhesive or glue, except i don't know how risky that is in terms of keeping the finish unblemished as i assume it might strip the finish if i ever try to remove the pickguard... is there some way that i could attach a pickguard without drilling?

(heres a pic)
Anything sticky you put on it will eventually screw with the surface over time.
If you're looking for a *functional* pickguard, you can find a clear mylar (acoustic players use it) pickguard that stays on using static electricity (easily peeled off). If you're looking for something decorative, drilling holes may be your only solution.