Hey all,

I have been looking for kind of a cheapy, different backup guitar for my SG and I recently came across a Squier Cyclone. Never had heard of it but I love the look and (listed) weight.

My question... Who has played one of these and recommends it, or knows anything about them? What is it worth? I can get this for $100-125 which I think has to be a good price. Set it up, throw some new pu's in and yeah? Are these "rare" at all? Can't find much about it on internet, and there is only one available on Ebay (for 200). 3 Fender verisions on Ebay.

Probably going to buy it cuz I think it's cool find and it's just $100, but kind of curious about any information surrounding these, if anyone knows anything.

Let me know what you think.

I'm going to answer this for all people thinking about buying a Cyclone, since I have now played/researched them.

Cyclones are kind of like a Mustang, little meatier and same scale length as a Les Paul

You've got a couple models.
1) Squier. Most made in indonesia, I think. I wouldn't buy one, could just buy an affinity duo sonic if you want something cheap and offset.
2) Fender Cyclone. Pretty rare. I'd grab these in a heart beat if there's one around your area for $600. Some have colored head stock same as body, many made in Japan but I think there might be some Mexican ones. Also an American version, but these are probably pretty hard to come by.
3) Cyclone II - comes with racing stripe. Same as previous version otherwise, maybe different production plant

These are cool offset guitars. If you can find a Fender one, grab it. Mustang or duo sonic might be a more available option, rarely see any cyclones.

 Yea that body style and scale length has been kicked around by Fender for as long as I can remember,  Had an old Toronado for awhile. Never could quite bond with it though,  For $100 bucks it might be fun to throw a Squire Cyclone on the bench and see what you can coax out of it,   If anything it would be a good learning experience 

Yeah man the Tornados look cool (not as cool as a Cyclone, though, if we're talking racing stripes LOL!), but they're f'ing clunky in my opinion ahaha. I had the pleasure to check one out not too long ago. Unfortunately, it was this nasty ass bronze color, or I might have thought about throwing some money at it.

I'd prob grab a Squire cyclone for $100 if I saw one on Craigslist. They're cool little guitars.

Cheers Nastytroll!