I had this Boss DS-1 for a while and out of the blue it stopped working. When there is a battery or AC adapter in it, the light comes on, but no sound will go through it AT ALL. Not even when bypassed. How do I fix it? All of the cords are fine and everything else is working.

Sorry if posted this in the wrong section. I am new to these forums.
Could be a matter of input/output jack on a pedal, if it doesn't make a sound even when bypassed.
It also could be the buffer/switching part of the circuit as well as any op amp, IC, resistor or capacitor in the signal path. Sometimes components crap out without any particular reason. If you have some basic electronics knowledge, a multimeter and some soldering skills, diagnosing and fixing the problem should be fairly easy.
You fix it by going and finding a used one for $20, buying it, and calling it a day.

Frankly that pedal can be had so cheap, if it breaks I don't think it's worth the time and money to fix it.
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