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Buy a Strat and sell the Dean
6 67%
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I like to play both blues and jazz. My favorite blues artists are SRV, Robben Ford, and Clapton, and I like the jazz tones of Joe Pass, Wes Montgomery, or the cliche rolled-highs jazz guitar sound. I play into a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe (non-III version, if it matters).

The problem is, I have a Dean Evo Special Select right now (pretty much Dean's take on the Les Paul), and while it is good for jazz and some of Robben Ford's stuff, it's rather lacking in the SRV or Clapton departments, as a LP should.

As I can't afford both right now, I was wondering if I should consider selling my Dean and getting a MIM or Classic Vibe Strat. I know it can definitely do the blues stuff I want to do but not if it can still be good for jazz (maybe the real question is can a strat do jazz well?). I know some people say the strat was never meant to play jazz, and some say they like strat jazz tones better than humbucker jazz tones. What would you guys do in this scenario?

Among my guitars, I actually have a 2003 version of that guitar- my first electric- and a HRD III. I use the EVO mostly for rock when I still use it. Right now, I'm looking to upgrade its pickups, because inexpensive though it is, it actually has good bones. It is a comfy guitar to play, and holds tune like a mofo. But its pickups...not the best. Hence, upgrading.

If you like your EVO as much as I like mine, I'd consider doing likewise instead of trying to find another guitar.

If not, trying out a Strat-style guitar- probably an HSS version- would be a good idea.
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Try it yourself if you can. I'd choose the Strat - an SSS one - if you like the feel of it. Stevie Ray Vaughan and Clapton (though obviously the latter used his fair share of Gibsons) use Strat tones from right across the pickup selector, of course. As far as jazz tones go, obviously not every sound is always going to please everyone, but I think a Stratty neck pickup with the tone rolled back has a great sound for jazz.
I honestly would'nt like to vote as i love both for different reasons.You can get a jazz tone from either.As for blues well SRV obvs you need a Strat for his tones.Robben uses loads of different guitars.He uses a Tele,I've seen him use a Strat,A gold top LP Deluxe i think with the mini humbuckers and more recently a '58 reissue.Clapton has used both and an SG.You will more than likely end up with both.....trust me.You just gotta decide which one first.
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While Blackie is probably the most famous guitar Clapton played, the red 335 is what's appeared most on recordings, including some that sound like other guitars. And a strat is what I've seen most in jazz clubs in recent years.

If you can't decide: Look into a Line 6 Variax guitar.

If you like *playing* a Les Paul (that particular scale and shape of guitar), you can play something like the JTV-59 and still have strats and teles from the models in the guitar. If you prefer a guitar with a Floyd and wide/flat fretboard with jumbo frets, the JTV-89F is a great choice, and while it comes with hot (ish) humbuckers, the modeling allows you to play LP/strat/tele (and more) guitar sounds as well as jazz hollowbodies (L5, ES-175, Super400) and even acoustics.
ok I confess that I'm a strat guy so you know my pick. of course I don't exclusively play strats either and don't have to make the choice.

I will give you another choice to consider though, a Nashville Tele. this model has 3 pickups like a strat but also retains some tele tones as well. good for blues and certainly robben ford stuff depending on what period of RF you like.