Hello! So I've been playing acoustic guitar for about 6 months now. I've really want to also start playing electric, but I don't know if it's time yet. Is it a good idea to start now or should I wait and first improve my acoustic guitar skills because I've only been playing for so long? Thanks in advance
Totally, man! You said you've only been playing for six months, so you can probably transfer literally everything you've learned at this point to an electric and be fine! Your chords, your fingerpicking (if you do that), your grip and scales and rhythm, all of that stuff carries over every type of guitar. However, I'd continue to work on the acoustic in addition to the electric. I'm primarily an electric player myself, but I love playing acoustic too.
If you want to play electric also go ahead and get yourself an electric too. Everything you have learned on acoustic can transfer to electric, but there are certain things that are just much easier to learn and play on electric. There really is a separate set of skills that you can apply to electric and to wait some arbitrary amount of time seems ridiculous to me if you also want to work on electric guitar music.