I'm in a band of 3, where i play guitar and sing. Recently i've been listening a lot to "When the levee breaks" by Led Zeppelin, and i think it would be super cool to play with my band. Only thing is; that i'm not nearly good enough to play that guitar-rythm while i sing, espiecaly if i'm going to play the harmonica too it's going to be impossible.
I've thought about using a looper-pedal to loop the guitar-rythm while i sing and play harmonica, but if im going to do that i would have to turn the loop of when i play the chorus and the other stuff, and then i would have to record the loop again after that. Do any of you guys know a pedal that can record a loop and then mute it to play something else, and then turn the loop back on?
most loop pedals with more than one pedal are capable of that. just make sure it has a separate "stop" and "record/play" function and you're good
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The problem will be one of timing. If your plan is to mute the looper and then turn it back on say eight measures later it will be really difficult to be perfectly in time with the looper signal. I use a lot of midi based gear when I play gigs and we found that it's nearly impossible to come back in on time and be back in sync with the midi track if you are going without some tempo reference. We found any more than two measures without a reference and the bands tempo no longer syncs with the midi. Unless your band has incredible timing 9 out of 10 times you won't come back in sync with the looper.

It's worth a try but that's my thoughts on it. It's not that your bands timing sucks but you guys aren't computers with perfect timing.
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