xxx I'm in a band of 3, where i play guitar and sing. Recently i've been listening a lot to "When the levee breaks" by Led Zeppelin, and i think it would be super cool to play with my band. Only thing is; that i'm not nearly good enough to play that guitar-rythm while i sing, espiecaly if i'm going to play the harmonica too it's going to be impossible.
I've thought about using a looper-pedal to loop the guitar-rythm while i sing and play harmonica, but if im going to do that i would have to turn the loop of when i play the chorus and the other stuff, and then i would have to record the loop again after that. Do any of you guys know a pedal that can record a loop and then mute it to play something else, and then turn the loop back on?
My Digitech Jamman Stereo can do it. You can also store the loop and timestretch a recorded loop to make sure it plays at the same tempo as the band (but timestretch requires you to use the click track)
I would just suggest practicing singing and playing guitar at the same time. That's much simpler. Using a looper with a full band can be a bit difficult because even slight changes in tempo (that happen naturally when playing in a band) are going to mess everything up. You would need to use a click track to make it work. It would be simpler to get somebody to either play the guitar or to sing and play the harmonica, or to just learn to sing and play the guitar part at the same time (which is what I would suggest).

Also, you don't necessarily need to play the song note for note. Replace the harmonica solos with guitar solos for example. Or leave them out. Make your own arrangement.
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markusdjuve Sometimes you have to alter the original song to include and extra part (long intro, or instrumental verse) for recording the loop part. Most loopers will let you record a part, stop it, then restart it again later on in the song - that what i do anyway when i play out at open-mics. My Digitech RP500 has a 20s looping feature. 
The easiest way to do it is to practice until you can play it.

Failing that, record a backing track and have the drummer play with a click live.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.