Hi everyone,

I have a Martin 000X1, which I bought in New York a few years ago, and basically my budget didn't extend to the electro version - so I got the straight acoustic model - because I fell in love with the guitar as soon as I saw it.

Now I've decided it spends too much time locked away in it's case, while I gig with an electro-acoustic that just isn't even close to the Martin. So I'd like to get a pickup in the Martin now, but I've never done this before and would like some advice.

I'll say now - I have no intention of fitting it myself. I'd rather pay to get a professional to do it - so this post is just about the pickup itself. I also don't want an EQ system fitted because I don't want it cut in to the guitar. I want it to be as subtle as possible.

I've been told to look at the http://www.guitarexperience.co.uk/k-k-pure-mini-acoustic-guitar-pickup.html, but I know there's so many other options out there.

I also want to check, would it be necessary for me to get some kind of pre-amp pedal or equivalent to get the best out of it, or would a decent pickup produce decent results without that?

My budget is probably around the £100 mark. Though if anyone has any good suggestions that aren't near to that, I'd still be interested to hear them.

My apologies for being so vague, but I'm not very technically minded. So if you can offer any helpful advice, I'd be very grateful!

Thanks in advance!