looking for a 7 string neck for my warrior build.(going to route the body for the neck so pocket style isn't an issue) looking to spend around 500cdn. jackson style headstock works or something original, im easy. Warmoth has really limited customization on their one 7 string neck and haven't gotten back about pricing. Any help would be appreciated, im in ontario canada if theres any locals who'd build me a neck.
If it were me doing this, I'd talk to Carvin/Kiesel about a neck-through neck and build the warrior around it. They have an amazing selection of woods/fretboards/fret sizes, including their dyed fretboards (colors). You can get a tilted pointy headstock or just a paddle that you can shape, if you prefer. Unless you're buying a painted body, I'd much rather split a body into "wings" for either side of a neck-through than tweak a neck pocket and grump about the clunkiness of the neck heel later.