Let's say I have to play something like this

How should I play it with my right hand?




I am kinda used to continue the motion and go with the index on the lower string, but it doesn't feel always right. When the tempo is fast this slows me down. The other method feels unnatural to me (middle finger on the lower string after playing on a higher one).

Anything other than that feels really weird for me

Assuming we're talking about 1/8 notes in 4/4 timing but still you'd have to deviate severely for me to want to play something different.

Basically; whatever's comfortable man.

Edit: also assuming you're right handed!!!
Get off this damn forum and play your damn guitar.
Thanks for the reply!

I guess the holy pattern does not exist, so I won't worry about it that much.

Yeah.. I'm right handed
I've been playing bass for almost a year now and that's how I use to play (use the same finger for both strings), but I didn't know if that's how I'm supposed to play.

At the moment I'm using 3 fingers only when I gallop, because I have difficulties in moving to another string this way. Thanks for the advice. I should practice 3 finger picking more, because I get why it is useful

If anybody has some tips on how to develop the 3 finger picking technique on more strings I would be very grateful
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If you are a real beginner then I'd say try to learn I M I M as a skill to fall back on. It's not 'wrong' to do that differently in any of the ways suggested just as you won't always play the one finger per fret for the left hand but part of what you are trying to do is learn some technique and to get your fingers to do what you want them to do, rather than just let them wander on their own! A nice even 8 beat with alternating fingers is a finger picking skill worth having. Though using a rake is also a good technique too. For me they sound different on the timing so I'd choose whatever was appropriate to the song but that is a while away for you.

What you'll find eventually is that it is like learning to drive or riding a bike. Everything feels impossible at first and very clumsy but eventually you stop noticing how you are using your hands and just concentrate on the song and the rest of the band, your fingers just move themselves.

If it stops you getting on then there is nothing wrong with mixing your practice up so that you'll use any old finger when learning a new song but put a few minutes aside to practice just your alternate finger technique.