Modern trad/speed metal band from Oregon with killer melodic riffs and dark/melancholic atmosphere. FFO Portrait, Dark Forest, Acerus, etc. They're definitely Bringing the Riffs. Their debut album is pretty straightforward (but solid) speed metal (not linked here). They started really developing a much more interesting sound with their second release.


But their new album out this July, I predict, will be fucking phenomenal. The album artwork looks killer as well.


Their bandcamp:

I think they've still got some wax and cassettes available of their sophomore album.
Who are you? The prince of darkness? Don't you have any friends?

Deadly as fuck metal, of course. Those smooth vocals are hitting me just right, coupled with the standard affair of heavy metal riffage and it's a solid release.

I Live Again was indicative of this, love the intro (solo? kind of but not really) leads. It's so perfectly in tune with being a solid heavy metal release. Gotta say, I enjoy the shit out of heavy metal leads where every other instrument stops and the guitars do their thing. Love the way it sounds.
The intro of I Live Again wouldn't be out of place as a solo. But here they use it as the main melody that ties the song together. Somehow reminds me of the intro to Firewind's Destination Forever (one of my favorite intros to a song). Also love how Spellcaster have a tendency to throw in clean/acoustic bridges and then build back up to the riff maelstrom again. Adds some variety to the tracks which they do that on.

Who are you? The prince of darkness? Don't you have any friends?

Augh that bass kick is too much for me and not in the good way.

Otherwise reminds me of a less ballsy Blood and Gasoline. Or rather I should say it made me put on The Marriage of Heaven and Hell on.
A heathen, conceivably
but not,

I hope,
I’m not ashamed to be white
Vi doede ikke... vi har aldri levd
Barbarism is the natural state of mankind
Civilization is unnatural

It is a whim of circumstance
an unenlightened one
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Incredibly clean, sounds like an anime intro and that's not a bad thing. They're super catchy and so is this. Really like the chorus.
This band actually played here just a week or so ago, I think along with Striker and a couple of local bands.