Hello all,

I have come into ownership of a "vintage" Teisco Checkmate bass guitar amp. I believe I may have the only one in the world. I have scoured the internet and have found several different models of the Checkmate amps on line, but not this model, the Checkmate 23.

It is a "Bass and Organ" amp as it says on the faux wood faceplate and has a simple head unit with three input jacks and volume and tone knobs. It has a separate speaker box that houses a 12" 8 ohm speaker. Does anyone out there know anything about this thing? I'm not a big bass guy, but I'd like to know what I have here.

It works ok, but it sounds a little scratchy, possibly due to a 50 year old paper speaker.
we are useless without pics and such little information.

i am assuming its SS?

what are the three jacks for?

what is on the back of the speaker other than the impedence?

pop it open so we can see the guts, and we will be able to help you better.
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I found this with a quick Google search:
The amp:

The guts:

The speaker:

Seems like a simple SS amp, judging by the wattage it's probably 15W tops. I'm guessing it's probably more directed towards keyboards than anything else, but I've never played one or seen one in person for that matter so I'm kind of curious how it sounds.

As far as value is concerned, I've seen some on ebay for around 50$.
Thanks. It is a Solid State amp. I found some of those same pictures on e-bay after my post last night.

Like I said, I'm not a bass guy, but it seems to have a nice tone, but it sounds kind of rattly like the speaker is bad or something. I think it would be a good amp for practice or a small venue.

The three jacks in the front are just labeled "input". If you open it up, they are all spliced together inside.

I tried posting pictures myself, but couldn't get them to upload for whatever reason. But thanks TCS86 for finding and posting those.