So I'm 14 and I don't have €800 to buy anything crazy so I'm looking for a good amp for metal around the €200-€300 price range. Right now I have the Marshall Mg30cfx which is not cutting it for metal. I'm stuck between the Rolandcube40GX and the peavey vypyr vip 2. I'm leaning towards the cube because my local guitar store has one and I can buy it there for cheaper than buying a vypyr online. To me it sounds great but I haven't been able to test a vypyr as there's no where in town selling one. I mainly play metal but I can lean towards punk and other stuff sometimes. Which one would suite me the most? Will these amps be much of an upgrade from my Marshall MG? I will be doing small gigs with my band but micing up the cube wouldn't be a problem.
Vypyr is pretty loved around here. I have one and it definitely can get whatever metal tones you want. Haven't played a cube but I've heard they're also very nice.

Both would be an upgrade from the mg. I'd go with the vypyr myself.
The gear:

Carvin Bolt Classic
PRS SE Singlecut
Agile AL-1900
Peavey Vypyr 2
I would suggest Vypyr. Cube does awesome cleans but for metal take peavy.
I play Cube 20 gx as practice amp at home. Cleans are addictive but distortion isn't tight enough I would say. Peavy got that Transtube analog circuitry which is definitely better for high gain tones.
Just my two cents. Decide by your ears.
I played the cube in the store today and I talked to some of the staff and they said they could order the peavey if I wanted but they'd seriously go with the cube because it would be more future proof and it can cover many genres (not just metal) to me it sounded great for metal and it seems perfect for me with the whole recording and audio interface it has.
The Cubes have great cleans, but a good clean sound is easy to attain with a SS amp. The Cube's high gain sounds are cheesy. As for being future proof; the COSM technology the Cube uses to run its amp models is very dated. Amps like the Vypyr are cleverer and just model the amps they say they model better. Especially the high gain sounds. If you want tons of functionality, get a Sanpera II foot controller as an optional extra.

Vypyrs are loved around here for a reason.

If you think my view is biased against Roland, I own a Cube 60.
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