Okay, so in february I decided to check Tab Pro out. Before the 3-day period was over I CANCELED my subcription. So I thought that was that.

Yesterday I went to check balance on my MasterCard and was very shocked indeed (I very rarely use the card). I don't have much money on my MasterCard because I don't have much money in general. I saw that Tab Pro has charged me three times now. Actually they charged me 5 times, but last two times it was rejected (due to lack of funds). When I saw yesterday that the payment was rejected (of course I had to pay the bank for processing that extra) I wasn't very pleased at all but I at least thought that was that. I am going to miss my money a lot but anyway ... Today however they charged me again (and was of course again rejected+bank fee). I HAVE NOT been using Tab Pro since February and I have been using it back then for LESS than three days. I was looking for some e-mail addres for official support but couldn't find any and since I am anxious for them to cancel my subscription I came here. Not sure what other alternatives there are.

Thank you.

I apologize for posting an entirely new thread, I didn't see the one with Tab Pro so I am going to post there as well.