I notice that the Ultimate Guitar (UG) website is promoting "Tab Pro" software. I'm considering it, but first I will need to provide answers to the Wife (She Who Must Be Obeyed).

So, here goes:

1. I see that there are basically three (non text) program formats available: Tab Pro, Guitar Pro and Power Tab. GP and PT files are downloadable and both are accessible using free programs. Power Tab itself is free. So the first question is: What is so much better about Tab Pro that would justify paying $40.00 for Tab Pro? What features would Tab Pro provide that the other programs do not?

2. The 'splash page' for Tab Pro indicates that an "unlimited lifetime" subscription is the buy in for $39.99. Does this mean that future software upgrades are included in the offer, or will software updates mean an additional charge? Will Tab Pro files created with an updated version of Tab pro be readable/use-able for earlier versions?

3. I have a Kindle Fire HD, Android phone and multiple PCs. Will Tab Pro function on all platforms? Do I need to pay the $2.99 app fees for every device?

4. Please, I would like all opinions and experiences from other people with regard to Tab Pro, are the other features worthwhile? Any and all responses are appreciated.

Thank you!!
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