I am down to two amps in my search for my first Boutique Amp.

The Bogner Atma Head


The Carr Raleigh Combo

Here is a little more info about what I am looking for. I play mostly blues, blues rock and a little punk (old school and modern) and Hard Rock Zep, AC/DC, Aerosmith, ZZTop etc. A sound I Am really looking for an amp to do good is that edge of breakup sound. Reviews have said the Bogner does that well that and that's why I am interested in it. The other gain channels are just icing on the cake. But if the Raleigh does that and does better than the Bogner then I will probable go for that. Also I want articulation on the gain channel instead of it being muddy. I know they seem like different amps but they both seem like they would get me in the spectrum of sound I'm looking for.
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Any reason why you're going upmarket?
Have you tried the usual suspects? AC30, DSL40C, Traynor YCV40/50B, etc.?

I need something small,if it is a combo because I don't have a lot of room. A 1x10 or compact 1x12. I also need something I can play at bedroom levels with distortion. A good master or low wattage.
Baron snott watt for the win.
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