This is far more complicated than it is required on FM. How I do PyreLord.

Glide in above PyreLord.

Open with Glacial beam to stun.

Use Shadow Grasp to pull them in (Do this if a single Meteor shower doesn't kill everything, combined with Cold Snap you should be fine if not,switch Cold Snap into Ice Coil).

Use Cold Snap.

Use Divine Veil and Meteor Shower. You may pot as well.

Use Cold Snap again (By this time the rest of the mobs should have died to Cold snap and meteor).

Position yourself behind the PyreLord and spam Frost palm with chill (You should be doing this throughout the fight unless you rely on Cold Snap).

Use frost fury with Frost palm to finish it if you're unable to apply freeze debuffs with only RMB.

With this method as long as you keep freeze stacks and you position yourself facing behind the PyreLord he won't attack you AT ALL Granted you may kill it slower because burn build is far stronger. Also unless you have an adequate set up to allow you to play freeze with only RMB otherwise use frost fury in combination.

While I think you video may be useful if you're attemping to clear Pyrelords fast (although regardless gear will limit you on clear speed regardless), I think this method is more optimal and easier as long as you understand the glide points.

SnapJaw: The building slightly NW of the bridge. Glide directly West to clear PyreLord. Blood: The building directly east. SoulWard: I think everyone knows this one the hill SE of the PyreLord.

You do NOT require kiting/ circling of any sought using this method at all.

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