So I put on a tremolo bar on my guitar and it was one of the screw ones and it was getting tight when screwing so I didn't screw it in all the way.

I tried to push it down to see if it worked but it wouldn't budge

So, I took a screwdriver and loosened the screws on the bridge/saddle and now when I use the bar it moves the hole thing and I'm not sure if this is how it should work because I never had a tremolo bar before

TL;DR: Tremolo bar doesn't go in all the way and it moves the whole saddle when I use it and I'm not sure what's going on because I never had a tremolo before
Oh ok thanks I didn't know

I drilled the holes myself on the actual body under the bridge but not on the bridge metal piece
I drilled the holes right where the bridge connects to the pick guard but I noticed it left the hole in the back open too only after I drilled the holes.
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i am concerned that they may be in the wrong place as the bridge should cover the hole cut for it and yours appears not too. Can you explain exactly how you decided where to drill the holes where you did, including measurements and stuff so we can see if its correct or needs to be moved back a little?

Yeah, looks close to the pickguard, I think there is usually a gap so it can pivot.
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It can still pivot though so it's fine

No doubt....but the thought that I, and I think Kabadi, have is that does the lack of gap mean you put the bridge too far forward which my cause intonation issues.
If you don't have intonation problems, you should be OK.
Here's what Fender says about how to set it up properly.


For my Peavey Patriot, same type tremolo, they say to set the bridge plate at a 10º angle, otherwise it's the same. I have my Strat set that way now too. It works fine. I also only have the outside two screws tightened, same as the older 50's and 60's Strat bridges were set, they only had the two outside screws. It seems to work well, since it has fewer fulcrum points. The other 4 screws are there, but loosened so they don't touch the bridge plate. This is also an option described in the link above.
Hmmm...I wonder what this button does...
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If you don't have intonation problems, you should be OK.

True. Not sure if the strings are on yet though.
Paleo, thanks I'll try it

Kab, I went on the website and my bridge is 5mm too close, should I use wood filler to fill the holes and then relocate my bridge?