Very nice,dude! I dig the changes in the atmosphere of the song,from melancholic to happy. Sounds good mix-wise too,the only thing that bothered me a bit was that I felt that the bass was overpowering rest of the instruments at times.

For C4C,choose something from my Soundcloud!
Sweet guitar playing, really like the mellow vibe; kinda makes me think of summer. It's cool how the intensity of it kinda builds towards the end with the drums switching up, real nice. I also like the quality of the audio, well recorded and a good mix.
Please, more!

You have my like on that song, sir. Really good one, I loved it at the first listen.
The production was better than some so called professionals tbh. I enjoyed every second of this sweet mix. Way to go!

Btw couldn't help myself and checked the other songs as well. That's all. Nothing more to say. This is just great music.

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