Hello everyone, this is my first post ever, I'm new to this site. So I have been playing guitar for several years now and I play with a band as the lead player. I do have experience with sounds but I just wanted to ask about pickup in this particular guitar. So I have a 2014 Flying V History, http://www.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/Flying-V/Gibson-USA/Flying-V-History.aspx, and it has '57 Classics in it. I love this guitar and I love the sound it has with my Marshall (though Im soon going to get a Mesa). I was just wondering, the other day I was at Guitar Centre and I played the James Hetfield Iron cross signature and I loved the sound of the Het Set EMG pickups. I know the process to put it in my V, but I was just wondering, how do you think that would sound and is it even worth attempting? I love playing thrash metal with the guys, but I am too a big blues player on my own (hence why I got a V). I'm not used to active pickups, always been passive, but again, the sound in that iron cross was great. Again I am just curious I may not actually do anything, but wouldn't mind getting a little background on this. Thanks and hope to hear honest answers.