I'm currently buying my second electric guitar (First guitar was a Vintage V100 which was an absolutely amazing guitar for learning/beginner) for an upgrade but wasn't so sure on what to get. I've looking at a few guitars, mainly: PRS SE Standard 24, Epiphone Les Paul Prophecy or Tribute (which both have Gibson USA pickups)
I'm not sure on what to choose as i've heard a lot of good things about PRS and how they are better than most of Epi Guitars. Wondering on how guitars battle in sound and which is really better for the price (production quality)

Any other guitar recommendations would be appreciated.
Many Thanks
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If you like how your VIntage V100 plays, and are really just looking to get a better sound, maybe a new amp is really what you're after?

What do you play through now?
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based on what the V100 sells for, it's more of a lateral move than upgrade. don't all those guitars sell for around $500 new?

it's more of a matter of preference with the epi and the prs. they're both good instruments.

so what amp do you have?
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Both have decent build quality and good value. The difference is purely subjective so go play a few of them. Trust your hands and your ears.
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Yeah it is personal preference
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An Epi LP will feel a little different to the V100.I had one(the Peter Green one) and the neck was really thin compared with a Gibson/Epi neck,Probably more in line with the PRS.If you can i'd try the Epi and the PRS to see which feels best for you.