Hi all. Been looking at the forum for a while - first time joiner!

I recently bought a new (2014 but unsold) Les Paul Trad. Very shortly after owning it I noticed a crack in the lacquer on the back, which ran over the shoulder. Not huge, but noticeable and doesn't feel like normal lacquer checking - you run your finger over it and it feels like a definite crack.

I took it into the shop and they agreed it was unusual and was also not from me bumping it around.

They took a pic and sent it to Gibson who said "meh".

I went back in and said I wasn't happy with that. They said they would try to send the guitar back to Gibson but with the likelihood that they would just ignore it and send it back and I'd be without guitar for however long. To me it looks like a defect (and not a natural lacquer checking effect that I should expect - especially not within a few weeks of having the guitar). The shop, despite agreeing first off it was unusual and they'd never seen it before, tell me that in their view (now) it is not a defect and they will not exchange the guitar.

Does this look normal to you guys? (PS it was the long before the strap locks)

I'm not trying to be tight about this, but £1,400 is a lot of money in anyone's book and if I ever want or need to sell the guitar on I don't think I should have to take the hit on value. Also I love the guitar but I don't love that there is a crack in it!

Anyway, as this is my first time, I hope the photos actually work!!!