Hello, I mainly play metal and will be using a wampler tripple wreck pedal. Which amp should I get the randal rg1503 combo or peavey 6505 combo? My main concern is the tubes going out on the peavey.
Tube life is a lot longer than you would think. Generally for metal the 6505 is a very safe bet. I would also think that with the 6505 you would not need the Wampler. But just in case, let us know budget, location, new or used and specific artists. Just saying "metal" isn't enough clarity.
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Peavey 6505 (all tube) any single day over the Randall 1503 (solid state).

Unless you have some really good reasons for purchasing a Solid state amp.
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If you get the 6505, use the amp's gain channel, but if you have your heart set on using the Wampler, I would look for a tube amp with a better clean tone. You can get a Peavey Valveking, or XXX for less than a 6505 in most cases. The 6505 isn't really known for killer cleans, and if I were to use a full on distortion pedal for my tone source, I would want a really good clean channel. You could run the Wampler through the effects loop, but I'm personally not a fan of running overdrive or distortion pedals through the loop like that. I'd rather use the clean channel for the additional eq controls.
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If you're dead set on the Warmpler (very good pedal btw), you should look for an amp that does somewhat clean(ish) sounds.

Try the Tech21 Power Engine:

This is a clean solid state power amp with a great speaker and will not color the sound much.

As suggested above - the VK is a good choice, also Peavey Winsor.