I got a problem of finger pain. After playing for a longer period of time, let`s say 3h My fingers start to hurt a lot, enough to me inable to do half-step bends for 2 days. I play guitar for just over 2 years now and my question is how to avoid the pain? I have a 2h rehersal tomorrow and a 4h one on sunday... I need to be in good shape and I have a lot of practising to do
Well, a start would be not to overdo it. The next step is to change your technique appropriately so you aren't hurting yourself while playing. If you'd want us to better be able to help you, you'd have to be more specific as to what exact part of your fingers is causing you pain, since so far it could be anything from lack of calousses to old age.

One particular tidbit I could tell you perhaps is that there is a specific part on your fingers, on just about the exact tip of them, where all the nerves come together. When you press on it, it feels unpleasant. If you spent two hours grinding that part down with a hard string of nylon or metal, it'll hurt. If you get the point of pressure exactly 'right', it'll hurt for a few days.

So, this would be something to avoid in your playing. Essentially it'd come down to learning how to 'lean your fingers' onto the outside of the hand (so towards and focused on the pinky), since leaning your fingers towards the inside of the hand (towards the index) severely hampers your playing ability in regards to stretches and so on.

Either way, this is often something we can hardly, if at all, judge or guess at. And unfortunately, while I've personally never seen a decent physiotherapist that could tell me anything I got better from rather than worse, none of us can use this site for providing qualified, lawful, specific or even proper information without refraining from the usual 'not-a-doctor' disclaimer. But by all means, ask more where you think necessary.

Good luck
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First thing I think of is maybe your callouses aren't thick enough. Or maybe you're making the mistake my friend made, and cutting your fingernails too short. Or if you recently changed string gauges, maybe your fingers haven't gotten used to them yet. Or maybe it's just your technique. There's really a number of things it could be. Is there any other info you can give us?

In the mean time, I'd say look into maybe trying a different string gauge. Or if it's your fingertips that are hurting, try covering them with a thick layer of glue. But be warned, this can hinder your accuracy since you can't feel the strings as well.
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