My Spider won't work. It saddens me that I need to say this, but I know it's not a great amp, so do not simply come to the thread to say "this amp sucks" or any such remarks, and then leave without saying anything else. It is my PRACTICE amp for my bedroom and I have a 120 watt tube amp to gig with. Now that that's out of the way, onto the problem. Initially, the overall gain of the amp decreased over time. I used to play it on clean with my guitar volume at full, the channel volume at noon, and the master at noon. I noticed one day that it was much quieter and that I needed to turn both channel and master to full to even come close to the volumes I used to get. There was also a noticeable drop in gain on the crunch setting. I tried to fix it by opening the amp up and re-melting some cold solder joints. Upon turning it back on, it made a really loud humming noise, like the noise it makes when you plug a cable in at a high volume. It did this for a while, and then smoke started coming out of the amp and the fuse blew. I looked at some of the caps and there were small brown dots on the top of them that looked like burn marks. I've attached pictures of the caps with "burn marks" on the top. Can anyone help me troubleshoot and figure out what's wrong with my amp, and what I need to do to repair it? It sucks not having a practice amp while my other amp is at my practice space.
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trouble shoot: insert amp into trash can.

SS amps are a bitch to diagnose, and digital even more. not worth the time nor frustration.
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My Spider won't work. ... I tried to fix it by opening the amp up and re-melting some cold solder joints. Upon turning it back on, it made a really loud humming noise,....

nice try? good effort? don't be a sad panda.

but it's done, pitch it.

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I'm going to have to agree with trashed and gregs, I had a Spyder III it began having gain issues then the mid pot stopped working, I sold it to my brother for $50 (he wanted it) he thought he could fix it but couldn't, they are not worth putting any money into fixing, especially when there are so many cheap solid state practice amps sitting in GC or pawn shop shelves, Randall RG 75s can be found hovering areound the $100-$175 mark and for SS they are great sounding and good practice amp.

I have one with an upgraded speaker that sounds pretty tight, it has no built in effects but it is a good practice amp. But you should be able to replace that Spyder for a couple hundred bucks or so.

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Since you very clearly don't have the necessary skills to either troubleshoot or repair the amp in question, and getting it done professionally will cost far more than the amp is worth (an honest tech won't even look at it.) it's time to move on.

On the bright side you can now get a much better practice amp!
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Line 6 has authorized repair stations all over. Worst case, call Line 6 or check their website. You can take it to one of those to have it evaluated. Most that I'm aware of have a minimum repair charge of one hour of labor, and in some cases you'll find that replacing the amp altogether is probably a better decision. If you've got some minimal skills, you might be able to disassemble the amp and replace a circuit board or two. Ask Line 6.
A quick look on my local craigslist I see several Spiders on there under 100 bucks. The time and money you will put into attempting to repair the amp probably isn't worth it. If you like it as a practice amp, there are plenty out there to be had very cheap.