I picked up an ibanez rgt42 recently that needs some bodywork done so ive stripped the paint which which has shown the areas thats need sorting im just wondering the best way of going about it?

Ive only taken off top layer of paint and havent quite gone down as far as the wood was hoping to avoid doing it if i could?

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Looks like you went down to the sealer. In my (admittedly limited) experience this is as far as you'd want to go. If the guitar will be repainted an opaque color then all you have to do is fill the dings in the sealer and paint. If you were to do a transparent or burst finish, seems like it'd be better to take it all the way to bare wood and re-seal, at least in those areas if not the whole body. If the dings go all the way into the wood itself (doesn't look like they do there) then that rules out any transparent finishes unless they'll be covered up.
Was hoping to leave it a natural finish not sure if theres a way to make those 2 spots a little better looking