im thinking of swapping the pickups in my guitar and just curious which way would work best a 3 way switch with push pull pots or a 5 way switch

Pickups are seymour duncan jb and jazz
I settled for a 3 way with push pulls just figured as id rarely split them wasnt worth using a 5 way but ive always got the option to
I'm SO not a fan of push-pulls. If I can avoid them, I will. I can't see at a glance where I'm set, I've already pulled off a knob in the middle of a set, and when you grab a rotary knob to make a yes/no switching change, you also take a chance on changing your tone/volume.

I have a five way on at least two guitars that have a pair of humbuckers (lots to do with the 2 and 4 positions). Where I have a middle single-coil size pickup as well, a five way and a miniswitch allow amazing versatility.

I have an early-80's Ibanez AR300 that has a pair of "Tri-Sound" switches. They're just individual miniswitches that allow you to select serial/parallel/single coil for each pickup.

The trick with coil split is to have pickups that leave you enough output when split to make it worthwhile to do so. The other trick is to set up your amp to work with the split coil setup. Most folks just set up their amps to work with the humbuckers and then grump about wimpy output when they switch. That's just user error.
I would do a 5 way super switch that auto splits the JB and Jazz in positions 2 & 4. I don't like push pulls either (push push is better, but hard to find), and I find that the auto splitting gets me the tones I want faster. I think the Fender Blacktop Strat and the Ernie Ball Axis Super Sprort uses wiring like this.
Dave @ Seymour Duncan
Yeah, I know..however, I always just wire in the combos I actually use. I also hate more than 1 move to get to the sound I like.
Dave @ Seymour Duncan