Check out my new song

I decided to explain what is happening.

Drum beat no. 1 is in 13. I used Fibonacci's number sequence and subdivided 13 into 5+8, then 2+3 + 3+5, then 1+1 + 1+2 + 1+2 + 2+3. That makes the drum beat you hear: |xxxxoxxoxoxoo| (x's are accented and o's are rests)

The chords are just Gmaj7 F#m7 Bm7 A7.

The saxophone melody just follows the hi hat:
|xoxooxooxoxoo| pretty much the same without any diddles.

Then the choir is just the middle note to the melody, E.

Then the beat drops into half time but in 8's instead of 13's.
8 subdivided is 3+5 = 1+2 + 2+3 = |xxoxoxoo|

The saxophone melody is the same but dropped down a minor 3rd, same as the choir and chords. The timing of the melody is proportionate to the timing of the first melody except I set up proprtionate fractions to make it equal but in 8 instead of 13.
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I wasn't really impressed by the melodies but only the methodology you shared in your post there. Then something happened at 0:55 and that keyboard took me away. Touche, sir... Touche.

But I gotta say, the idea is pretty sweet after a second listen. Mixing the electronics with a jazzy touch. You should definitely discover it more.

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