Hi people, first of all i just want to say thanks to the user gtr_101 and his post and second, english it's not my primary language, let me explain, my kids broke my combo (it fell down from a chair when i was cleaning it) and obviously i say craaaapp its done!! well i have no hope, but i turn on and everything's ok, except the awfull crack on the side, the wood was broke and the tolex has a big tear, many days pass and one day see the conversion of the user gtr_101, looong history short, i manage to do the changes, measures, a loooot of sanding and first i will only use the stock speaker in another box and then say hell yeah let's do a 2x12, sell the stock speaker and buy a couples of eminence legend and i do my own 2x12 and finished last week.
Here's some pictures:
start like this:

and finished like this:

and the cab start like this:

and end like this:

the only thing i didnt do is the vinyl, someone help me cause my first and only atempt was pure shit XD, the rest was all me and i use wood from my house and leftovers from another projects, just buy the vinyl, grill cloth like, speakers, screws and corners.
Nice work!

I'm getting round to doing the same thing to my Peavey Ultra Plus 112, not because there is something wrong with the cab, because the thing is near mint despite being 17 years old, but because it's heavy as hell and sometimes, I still like to plug into my old 4x12 or 2x12 and a combo standing on a cab that size just looks off to me

And yes, Peaveys are near indestructible
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looks good
Which model of speaker are they? I have a 4x12 with Legend V12's and a 1x12 with a GB128 and both are really nice speakers
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thanks mates!!, Robb the speakers are a gb1258 8ohm 75W, in my case i play most hard rock and metal and sounds really nice and very loud haha my neighbors love it XD
Beautiful work. I really like the stock-looking top and grill cloth with the white vinyl. I love my VK112, but I've always wanted to try it through a 2X12 or 4X12 just to see how it would sound. If your neighbors like the sound, I'd say you have cool neighbors with good taste.
JDee man, my neighbours are evangelic so you can imagine how much they love the beautiful sound coming from the speakers on sunday morning and i have no complains so far lml by the way my first option was to try a 4x12 too, but i found the offer for 2x12 eminence speakers and i decide to try it, maybe in the future i will try a couple of celestion, in the past i have a celestion on a hybrid marshall v40 (g12L) and it sound really well and of course want to try the V30 one day, cheers!
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