hi all

i'm looking for an amp that can handle pedals specially those which are built for metal/can sound really good on the heavy side (5150, Triple Wreck, etc) also has a great clean sound for bunch of reverbs, delays, modulation, compressed clean sounds because i'm becoming too much experimental with pedals, mix and match. right now, the 5150 is my main pedal and all of my heavy sound relies on that pedal so i need something that can give me some sense of gratification in working on with the pedals.

for the combo: $600-$700
for the head+2x12: $1500 max

i want to make it clear that i'm talking about new stuff. no refurbs or used. for the 2x12, i'm really skeptical about using a 4x12 in a small house and i'm not sure if there's much difference between the two so that's why.

here's the list of amps that i have in mind.

peavey valveking 50
blackstar ht 40
peavey 6505+ combo
marshall dsl 40c
blackstar ht 50 head

mesa/boogie rectifier 2x12
orange ppc212

that's all for now.

post in the right section. you will get better results.

whats wrong with used?

i would recommend a jsx.
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