I am practicing to solo against a backing track. The problem is, suddenly the backing track gets louder and drowns out my guitar.
Can some one please recommend a pedal that will instantly boost my guitar signal that will compensate for the increase volume of the backing track.
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What amp and what amp settings do you use?
you need to figure out why the backing track suddenly gets louder before worrying about boosting the guitar (which may make things worse.
I use a roland cube amp 40 GX and I have it on the lead channel, which is distortion.
I presume that the backing track is meant to get louder? As in a purposeful dynamic change.

Hotone Liftup or the TC Electronic Spark will get you there. Although running into that Cube, it may not sound too good.
Into the Roland Cube? Well.... As a matter of principle I would suggest a clean boost pedal, as clean and as transparent as possible. A possible candidate could be the Boss Booster/Feedbacker pedal - but you should keep its EQ setting on "flat" - without using the possibility of the growing mid hump - that mid boost works fine with a real tube amp, but I would really recommend to stay as clean and neutral in the boost as possible, for your application. I´m not saying this is the brightest idea on Earth, just offering you my personal experience....
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I have a sort of interesting modification on a couple of my guitars. It's a Chandler Tone-X (google it). Essentially, its an active sweepable mids boost (about 16 dB) on a push-pull. It's sweepable to allow you to pick the mids frequency you want boosted. Rather than simply boosting the entire volume range, it changes your tone to something that will cut through the mix. It's a derivation of a parked wah, which has been used by guitarists forever to do the same thing; boost the signal and provide a change in the sound at the same time. With this, you'll need space for a 9V in the control cavity, and you may sacrifice a volume or tone pot (immaterial if you mostly dime them anyway).
TC Mini Spark sounds appropriate
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Tone City boost pedal, it's cheap, small, and does the job just fine.

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Into an already distorted amp? Probably not.

Would work just fine if you stick it in the FX loop.
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Thank you for all your help. I will check out all of your suggestions. You are the best!!