Poll: What is your favourite bagel topping
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View poll results: What is your favourite bagel topping
10 29%
2 6%
4 12%
Something else
3 9%
Fuck off Toby
15 44%
Voters: 34.
I'm asking for a friend.

Also, what are your favourite toppings for your bagels?
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I prefer to top bagels with whatever gets thrown into the bin after them, and eat something else instead.
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put cream cheese on them and then put smoked salmon on them and then eat them
Most bagels I've had have had cream cheese on it so yea


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Salmon and cream cheese, with my own man cream too...
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Cream cheese is the standard bagel topping. Smoked salmon is ok.

Personally I like them best toasted with some tomato based substance, ham/other sliced meat and melted cheese
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Cream cheese and salmon

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fuckin toast that bagel and add some cream cheese to that mother fucker. Spread it nice but not too neat get a bit of overhang happening on that shit. Sprinkle some crushed pepper over it and maybe a pinch of salt and that bitch is nice and seasoned, son. Now get some good smoked salmon and put it on top slightly furled/folder but not as a thick layer or otherwise it'll be shit. You've got a fuckin fine cream cheese and salmon bagel there son that'll make a blowy seem pedestrian enjoy that shit because you deserve it

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Never understood the point of bagels. I prefer real buns.
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One of my roommates in college would make egg and cheese bagels like 3 times a week.
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Maybe I've never had a proper bagel because every one I've ever had was terrible.
The outside is always rubbery and it's like pulling beef jerky just to take a bite.
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I'm asking for a friend.

Also, what are your favourite toppings for your bagels?

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