Hey guys, My names is Jake Quincey.

I'v recently returned from some time away with a new solo project.

Jake Quincey is not the easiest of musicians to sum up in a paragraph. Residing from Canterbury, England, Jake is an eclectic musical soul. A lover of his craft and connoisseur of the blues, Jakes music is draped in soul and passion. As a guitar player Jake is wild and free, as a lyricist he I eccentric, poetic and just a little bit cheeky, and it all builds from that old Mississippi sound that so many generations have loved. But Jake is more than just your typical guitar slinger. A multi instrumentalist, producer, writer and composer, Jake is hands on to say the least. A colourful creative who just enjoys doing his thing.

Jake Quincey's heroes include greats like Jimi Hendrix, BB King, Eric Clapton and 60's singing sensation Janis Joplin, and in his music Jake likes to pay tribute to his idols, just as much as they inspired him with theirs. Jake is ready to carry their musical torch to the next generation.

So if you like to groove, sing along to some of the catchiest lyrics around and share in the freedom of music, put on a track, watch a video or come to a show and experience the musical enigma that is Jake Quincey.

If you like what you hear you can find more by clicking like @ https://www.facebook.com/jakequinceymusic/




I hope you enjoy.
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Hey I like your guitar parts . Nice voice too. It's an interesting mix of blues and rock. I'm looking forward to seeing what else you come out with 😊
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Hey I like your guitar parts . Nice voice too. It's an interesting mix of blues and rock. I'm looking forward to seeing what else you come out with 😊

Big thanks. Feel free to 'Like' my facebook profile, Reverb Nation, Youtube or which ever you prefer.


I really enjoy making this music so it is great to share.
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Sweet! I like Catfish woman the best! I was playing some slide blues the other day, maybe you'll like it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mxNRxysIxkY

Hey. Thanks. Catfish Women is a very new song and is prooving very popular. It is likely to be the first single from my album. Feel free like 'like' my Facebook to be among the first to hear my future releases.


I must say I am actually seriously impressed by your voice. Great slide tone, great voice, nice old blues sound. I did however wish the instrumental near the end had a beat more to it. Some more embellishment.

You are actually the exact kind of artist I like to record as a producer. Where are you from?
Hey gang,

I just uploaded some new tracks on youtube. Some previews from a radio show airing on Sunday. I recommend these tracks to fans of the Doors, Beatles and Jimi Hendrix.