Hi guys,
So i've been using various programs with my guitar running into my computer to get various guitar tones and I've been looking more and more at multi-effects processors for playing live and stuff.
I currently have a fair few pedals and I do enjoy them but the Multi-Effects processor just seems a more cheaper way to experiment with more and more guitar tones.
So what makes would you recommend for under £500?

I've been looking at the POD HD500x but i've been hearing mixed opinions (however i'm not sure whether they are just from people that dislike multi-effects processors/pedals as a whole).
I would get an Axe FX but thats WAYYYYYY out of my price range right now.
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So what makes would you recommend for under £500?

I've been looking at the POD HD500x but i've been hearing mixed opinions

I'd probably recommend the Pod HD500X and some time spent with Meambobbo's HD Tone Guide (http://foobazaar.com/podhd/toneGuide/ ). I'd recommend you find a good used one (to save you some money).

I'm thinking that the Pod HD500X is about due for a "reboot" upgrade or the introduction of a newer product that will fill that price range, which is why I'd recommend buying used in the first place. One excellent addition to the HD500X is a Two-Notes Torpedo C.A.B., which offers outstanding cabinet IR's and a number of tube power amp simulations, also excellent. In fact, the pairing of the two approaches the sonic quality of much more expensive modelers (*ahem*). You'll want to try to find the C.A.B. used if you can, but that's going to be much more difficult to source than the Pod.

Line 6 also offers the Helix, which is a significant move up-level from the Pod, is a relatively new product, and which offers a lot of what the Axe-FX has offered in the past for around $1500.

Be aware that a new Axe-FX is a $3000+ investment new by the time you buy the foot controller recommended for it, and that it's a rack-mount piece only (still). You can probably find a used Fractal product for considerably cheaper (I have an older "Ultra") that will serve really well.
Have you tried an Atomic Amplifire yet, dspellman? You can load third party IR's to it. It seems to do the picking dynamics well, a lot better than a Pod.
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i saw an ultra on CL for $800 or something. just sayin'. you would still need speakers and amplification though. it may be different across the pond as many things are.

for money, you can't go wrong with a HD500 pod. even the bean. you can find them so cheap, and they do great for what they are IMO.
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