While I was jamming today with my crappy old Squier Strat since my Les Paul is in the shop, I thought up an interesting, fun theoretical question for the guitarists on here:

Would you rather have the best guitar ever made (in your opinion) and have it paired with the worst amp ever, or would you rather have the best amp ever made and be forced to play it with the junkiest guitar ever created?

We're talking things like a bargain-basement, no-name 0.25W practice amp paired with an original '59 Les Paul Goldtop, OR the lowest, vilest, most high-actioned First Act plywood guitar plugged into a concert-grade Marshall stack.

So, what say you, fine people of Ultimate Guitar? What's the lesser of two evils?

Note: This isn't meant to hurt anyone's feelings or bash certain brands; it's just something to have fun with!
this has been done a dozen times.
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Eh, if I HAD to pick one I'd take the nice guitar. If my guitar is a piece of shit I'm not gonna want to play it, no matter how glorious of an amp I have
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an original '59 Les Paul Goldtop

A pretty abysmal choice for the "best guitar ever made"...

If we're genuinely talking "Worst", then I'd have to pick the good guitar and the crap amp, because the worst guitar ever made would be unplayable.
I did'nt think Gibson made Goldtops in '59?I thought they were sunburst from '58 to '60.I know there were goldtops with humbuckers in '57.I could be wrong.