What do you guys think? Any tips? If you want me to review your track as an exchange, post it here! :-)
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Usernames sucks,
Early in the song, I think the snare sounds pretty cheesy. I thought it was a synth cymbal at first. Otherwise, I like everything instrumentally. The vocals are well done (actual singing and melodies). Sounds rather 80's, which is fine by me. It is a fun & pleasant song. I like it! Please review my music at this link:

Hey there. %90 of what I can say about the track and the vocals are they're both great. Your singing is spot on for EDM and the song is very easy to listen to and follow, which is a huge plus for this genre imho.

But can't say the same for the drum/snare mix in the beginning. Even though that filter move is pretty sweet, the snare kinda irritated my ears on my AKG k240s and Yamaha HS8s, which are above average studio equipment. I fear it might cloud your song's success on lower quality sound systems.

And that's the only thing that needs work in this track. Even the composition flow was pretty smooth for me. Kudos!

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