I was offered one of these heads in lieu of payment on a gig I recently did. I knew that a previous incarnation of this head was an underground classic in the 90's with bands such as Death, Prong, and (I think) Static X so I decided what the hell and went for it. Worst case scenario, it could be a good backup amp, something I didn't have at the time.

I was able to play it on the gig. I went old school and stuck with the OD 2 channel. I set it at moderate gain and rolled my volume knob up and down for dynamics rather than try and mess with all three channels on the fly. I used a chorus pedal with the volume rolled back for 'cleans' and a boost pedal if I needed to go over top for shredding.

I realized it gets shrill sounding pretty quick, but when I kept the contour knob around 9 o'clock, it was pretty sweet and actually served me well for the gig.

Afterwards I was able to mess with the other channels and here's what I thought.

The clean channel is surprisingly good. Bright and clear as a bell. On a scale of 1-10 with a Fender Twin being a 10, I'd give it an 8. Going straight in with no effects I can fake a nice Ted Greene vibe. It will thin out if you crank it beyond a certain point but should work well on most gigging situations for a funk band or if your playing solo guitar at a wedding.

I don't like the OD 1 channel much. Without the use of the contour knob, the gain is harsh to my ears. If I dial the treble down, it's okay (but not great) for a mild grit. I normally shut this one down and use it as a de facto standby mode with the foot switch.

Still, for a $200 head I didn't even pay for out of pocket, I can't complain.

I'll also say it seems to react more to speaker/cab changes than any other head I've played through. Maybe a characteristic of being a Hybrid amp?

I'd be curious as to what others think and if they know of any tricks to get more out of it.
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It is a very good amp for what it is, pretty much a solid state Marshall. That was the best ss line that they did...the whole VS line was good, and the combos came with real Celestions, all made in England.
I actually put this head through a friends' old cab from his Plexi 70s Marshall amp (I think all 4 original Greenbacks) and that was the best sounding thrash/death metal setup I've ever played. Too bad he wouldn't sell me these speakers.
Overall, it is quite versatile all round amp and could cover a lot of bases.
Yeah the VS100 was pretty cool. I always thought it had a nice clean sound, and with the contour down and treble run low I found some cool sounds. I liked mine through Texas Heats.

Marshall also did the Lead 12, which was pretty sweet for a little amp like that.
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